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  1. California has some of the world’s most stunning beaches with crystal-clear skies, warm sand, and blue waters. Check out our list of best beaches in California, each with its unique charm and perks. Dive in and discover the ultimate beach experience!

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  5. A beloved National Park Service ranger died when he tripped, fell and struck his head on a rock during an annual astronomy festival in southwestern Utah, park officials said over the weekend.
    Tom Lorig was 78 when he died after the incident at Bryce Canyon National Park late Friday.
    He was known for his extensive work as a ranger and volunteer at 14 National Park Service sites, including Yosemite National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Dinosaur National Monument, the park service said in a statement Saturday.

    “Tom Lorig served Bryce Canyon, the National Park Service, and the public as an interpretive park ranger, forging connections between the world and these special places that he loved,” Bryce Canyon Superintendent Jim Ireland said in the statement.


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