Why Male Rape is Highest In Homophobic Countries


With these 4 points, you’ll begin to realize why male rape is highest in homophobic countries than countries that are not.

1. The Countries Protects Perpetrators

Countries with homophobic laws protect perpetrators because they keep the victim silent with those same laws. Male child prostitution and slavery is most common in Muslim and Arab countries where the strictest laws exist on homosexuality and even fornication. For fornication, it is believed that lack of access to women in these communities encourage the men to look to male children and some men to satisfy their sexual needs.

Children who are victims of these, naturally know to be silent because of the stigma, criminality and ignorance surrounding the topic. It’s even worse for adults who are victims of male sexual abuse; where will they go? Whom will they reach out to? What about the shame and the stigma that will come out of it? Beyond doubt, they stand the chance to face punishment too. So they would rather keep silent and act like it never happened. So the perpetrator knowing how safe it is for him, continuous in his actions because actually, it is safer to assault boys than girls.

2. Ignorance by Choice

Many people will not take the time to learn, read or watch anything that will inform them about homosexuality to best become better guardians of wards and people in general. Access to such materials is even far reaching to be able to best understand. They therefore address issues wrongly when they are faced with them. So when victims in the LGBTQ community shares their abuse, their often either ostracized, preached to, exorcised among others without proper care for recovery.

3. The “I have a wife” card

It is important that you note that being rapist has more to do with power than sexual pleasure; therefore it is no respecter of sexual orientation. Any rapist; gay or straight can possibly rape another man. Having said this, I just want to bring your mind to how easily an accusation can be thrown out in a society that is ignorant by choice. They believe that as long as a man is married to a beautiful wife, he can’t be gay or even have sex with another man. This practice has become increasingly popular in homophobic countries. That is how easy it is to cover up in homophobic countries which helps people who rape males too.

4. Many of these countries do not recognize male rape

What do you do in a country where there is no provision for male rape in the laws or support simply because to them, male rape is not possible. What happens to you if you become a victim?


Richard Siaw

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