Top 6 CCTV Footages of False Rape allegations In All History


Sexual abuse is such a sensitive issue that isn’t taken lightly at all. Sex offenders do not have it easy in the courts. They serve high prison sentences, are often brutalized and raped in prisons and even when they make it out of prison, their criminal record as a sex offender ruins their lives forever making it hard for them to be integrated back into the society.

That’s why it is particularly hard for men who were not only accused of rape and abuse but to be falsely charged of something as despicable as that. In this post, we talk about top 6 men who were falsely accused  of rape and abuse.

6.Mary Hunt and Millionaire Ex-Fiance:

The couple are known to have arguments. Burning of clothes, throwing away precious ornaments and jewelry and Mary Hunt’s extravagant lifestyle. But what wasn’t expected was Mary Hunt inflicting injuries on herself and reporting her ex-fiance as the culprit. What she didn’t know was that, there was a camera in the room when she was self inflicting.

5. The Selfie Guy

He had broken up with his girlfriend. Yet, from nowhere he was accused of breaking into her ex girlfriend’s home and carving an axe in her chest. When this was reported, obviously it was hard to believe the guy in spite of his plead of innocence.

It later came to light that at the time his ex-girlfriend reported that the incident had happened, the guy was out at an event with his family, when he took a selfie and posted it at the exact time on the internet. This proof cleared him and set him free.

4. Man accused of raping his 3 daughters;

He was accused by his wife of raping his 3 daughters to make sure his husband is never happy in his life. All this came to light after a lie detector test was conducted. He later confessed to this happening and asked for forgiveness from his husband which was declined.

3. Raped Victim

A girl threw himself at him at a club, she signaled her friend behind his back that he was going to have sex with him. After that night at her dorm room together with the guy, she goes to report that she was raped. This shock did not only affect the guy but also affected his education since a lot of things had to be held off until the school investigated on their own. The CCTV camera showing all these evidences was the only proof that exonerated the student.


2. 26 years wasted for a white woman

He was imprisoned for 26 years for a crime he did not commit. He was charged for rape in the first degree, sodomy and kidnapping. He was only saved by DNA evidence and a subsequent confession by his accuser. She admitted that she made it all up.

1. Banks was wasted with a Kiss

Only a consensual kiss without sex as a High Schooler became an accusation of rape. He lost his scholarship and dream to play in the NFL when he was charged with rape and spent 5 years in prison and another 5 in probation for a crime he did not commit.

The truth came to light after his release. He received a request on facebook by his accuser who wanted to meet up with him. He met up with her, secretly filmed. She confessed to her lying to the court to keep a 1.5 million dollars settlement after suing the school district.

In as much as I am so passionate about eradicating gender based violence that it is almost an emotional reaction for me when I encounter victims, these stories brings my mind to the between 2%-10% statistical proofs of false rape and abuse accusations reported to happen in the USA.

Rape and abuse isn’t anything to lie about.Not only does it destroy unjustly the life of those who are falsely accused, it destroys the lives of others who are truly abused everyday.

Some of these women faced prison sentences for lying while others went scott-free. Those that were punished didn’t face just sentences as compared to the damage they had cost by lying.

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Richard Siaw

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